iXerv HXM Free Learning Series

The impact of Neuroscience on the future of HR management

In this free series exploring the future of Human Experience Management (HXM) we take an in-depth look into the rapidly growing field of Neuroscience and its relevance and practical use as a way of engaging and developing your employees.

Who would benefit from this course?

HR Directors

HR Directors looking to understand the future of HXM technology and its positive impact on their existing workforce.

HR Managers

HR Managers and practitioners wishing to discover the leading edge knowledge affecting the HR industry


CEO’s contemplating how to gain a competitive edge and keep abreast of consumer trends & influences


Students of HR looking to learn and assess the impact of neuro-science on the future strategies of forward thinking businesses

Four free sixty minute sessions covering:
  1. How can Neuroscience help you drive business results?
    The relevance of neuroscience to improving business results and helping people thrive in a VUCA world.

    6th October (Click to view recording)

  2. Neuro-agility a construct to future proof your career
    How to optimize your brain performance and brain health.

    27th October (Click to view recording)

  3. Neuroscience’s role in creating a robust workforce
    Your amazing neurological design.

    17th November (Click to view recording)

  4. Using neuroscience to find & promote the best talent
    A company can only be as good as the people who work there.

    8th December (Click for more details & to register)

Featuring experts in their fields

Doctor Andre Vermuelem
Doctor Andre Vermuelem

Dr. Andre is a legend in the field of Neuroscience, having published over 43 papers on the subject over a twenty seven year career where he has helped people and organisations ground their development practices in the subject. He is also a member of The Research Group of the University of Pretoria, and is an internationally recognized thought leader, frequently contributing on numerous prestigious platforms like TEDx and ATD ICE and even hosts his own TV show “Mind matters”.

Rhonda Stockton
Rhonda Stockton

Rhonda is a very experienced HRIS consultant based in South Africa with iXerv Global, and specializes in talent and learning cloud solutions. She has over two decades of experience and has been working specifically with the SAP SuccessFactors technology since 2007 and has implemented countless instances across the world in that time, where she specializes on the customer journey and driving toward value. She is a passionate believer in the psychology of employee learning and how theories can be put into practice.

Tiaan Vermuelem
Tiaan Vermuelem

Tiaan Vermeulen is the Operations Director of Neuro-Link, an international consultancy specializing in the neuroscience of performance optimization, founded by his father Dr. Andre Vermuelem. He himself is a neurophysiologist and scholar of the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Tiaan has published peer reviewed articles on the neuroscience of learning and presents internationally on respected platforms like ATD ICE and other leading neuroscience conferences.

Includes Neuro-Agility Performance tests and materials worth over $250 USD