Sophie Heaviside

Exception vs expectation

When we start a new job we all want to make a good impression – when an important piece of work is on our desk, or a deadline is looming, we may work through lunch or put in some overtime. But what happens when that becomes the norm? Sophie Heaviside says lockdown has potentially made the situation worse.

James Bennett

Don’t fall on the Crystal Ball #1 – New Employees

For many poor ‘failing’ employees the first they hear that they haven’t been doing their job right is when they hear “You’ve failed your probation and we’re letting you go”. James Bennett argues that you cannot possibly hope for your employees to meet your expectations if you don’t make it clear what they are in the first place. ​


The Management Gap – HR to the rescue

In the second instalment from our undercover HR diarist we tackle the thorny issue between HR and hiring management. Will ever the twain meet?