James Bennett

Don’t fall on the Crystal Ball #1 – New Employees

For many poor ‘failing’ employees the first they hear that they haven’t been doing their job right is when they hear “You’ve failed your probation and we’re letting you go”. James Bennett argues that you cannot possibly hope for your employees to meet your expectations if you don’t make it clear what they are in the first place. ​


A keen eye for detail pays off for GrandVision’s HR team

GrandVision is a global leader in optical retailing and delivers high quality and affordable
eye care to people around the world. Their HR and IT departments based in the
Netherlands teamed up with iXerv to tackle the laborious legacy processes around their
people data, where an eye for detail is vital when dealing with such sensitive information.

Training frustration
Sophie Heaviside

Seriously? – I’m DONE with this Training

Even good technology won’t help an organisation where the real purpose is not fully understood in the first place. People – Process – Technology. Never forget all three. Sophie Heaviside relates an experience in an organisation that highlights what happens if it’s not thought through.